Bear Whitman

Turquoise Dream - The Fifth Bear Whitman Adventure (Available September 2022)

Bear Whitman is back in the fifth, and potentially (gasp!), final installment of the adventure series! Bruised and beaten, but never defeated, Bear takes on the Mexican drug cartel after a bachelor party goes awry. In Turquoise Dream, we find our favorite anti-hero armed with the rapier wit audiences have come to know and love, along with a more enlightened mindset as he explores the human condition whilst simultaneously attempting to rescue his brother- in-law (and executor of his will) Murph from the tight grip of chaos in Cancún, Mexico.
This time around, he’s once again joined by his longtime ally Brent Westwood, as well as a new female character who, while fiercely independent, seems to have a soft spot for Bear and will potentially lead him to the glory that he seeks.

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Bear Whitman faces his most duplicitous, deceitful and deadly adversary in the fourth installment of the detective series. Bonds will be broken, lives will be lost and faith will be tested.
Set against the whimsical backdrop of Chicago at Christmastime — with a brief respite in The Sunshine State — Say Goodbye dives deeper into the world and psyche of Bear Whitman. He's an old soul in modern times. A family man, a conflicted man, but, above all else, a loyal man.

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TURN THREE - A Bear Whitman Adventure (2015)

The month of May in Indianapolis is synonymous with racing. Only now, it's also known for murder. That could be a stain the sport won't soon be able to wash off. One of IndyCar's most promising up-and-coming drivers dies during a practice round accident. But maybe it wasn't an accident after all? Bear Whitman is coaxed – against his will – out of semi-retirement to take the case. And he's as sarcastic and clever as he's ever been.

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Searching for Sara Caruso - A Bear Whitman Adventure (2014)

After a night of partying on the rooftops of Wrigleyville, the mayor of Chicago's daughter has vanished. Mayor Caruso has enlisted the help of Murphy's Law to conduct the search. In the seedy underbelly of the Windy City's political gamut, lies the answers. Bear and his crackpot associates take any means necessary to solve their most daunting case yet!

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Friend or Foe? A Bear Whitman Adventure (2013)

When Bear's longtime pal Clark goes missing in St Maarten, he jumps on a plane and goes searching for his old pal. This case is "off the books." Drama ensues when Bear teams up with local resident and former CIA operative Brent Westwood to track down Clark.

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